A Rescue Solution in One Application

The mission of the WAVES mobile app and the ArchAngel Guardians maritime rescue team is to provide emergency services in the open water.


All services, including rescue, transport, are included in the cost of membership. There are no deductibles, no co-pay, or claim forms. No kidding.

Protection Saves Lives

Our personal memberships and enterprise solutions provide rescue and evacuation services when boaters need it most.

Anywhere, Anytime

We’re the red button you push in an emergency on the water. Our team of experts fly to your loction to save you.

How can WavesRescue help?

Helicopter Evacuation

A boating emergency can occur at any time. Even for those who are well-trained and equipped — air support is often needed. Medevac support for medical emergencies, capsized vessels, severe weather, and more.

Precise location

As a user and member, you'll be equipped to send a Precise location of your boat.

SOS Alert

With just the click of one button — professional helicopter support is on its way to save the day and lives!

Air Rescue

ArchAngel has completed over 1000 Hoist Operations with pinpoint accuracy and is ready to save you!

User Profile

Detailed User profile with emergency contact and boat info.

No Coding Required

Why You Need Us

Over 20 Years

#1 Private Maritime Rescue Team

Rescue Training

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Archangel Air Rescue, LLC — the founders of WAVES and the Maritime Rescue app — was formed around the United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement’s need for additional tactical rescue support. 

In times of National Emergency — and now private maritime rescue — WAVES can provide lifesaving support to you, your friends, and your loved ones when they are in open water territory.

Having completed over 1000 hoist operations in both day and night — over water and land — and as the US Airforce’s only private aircraft service provider for training, you can depend on the ArchAngel Guardians.

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