Please Read Carefully
Important Things to Know About Your Waves Rescue Membership

Waves Rescue is not an insurance company. We are a membership organization that provides emergency rescue services to the private boating community.  Securing a membership through Waves Rescue gives our members access to the most comprehensive maritime cell phone application currently available. One of the features can include potentially life-saving evacuation services provided by our exclusive partner Universal Air Service, Inc. This service provides helicopter rescue in the event of life-threatening circumstances – this may include medical emergencies or events impacting the vessel that could lead to the occupants being in imminent danger – fire, mechanical or active sinking. While on your vessel, if you feel you are in danger and require immediate assistance you can activate your emergency button within the app. The sooner this is activated the quicker the response time. You will be contacted by one of our operation center personnel while the rescue team is in transit. A helicopter rescue service is available within a 150-nautical mile radius of one of our rescue bases. This coverage area is indicated on the application’s map by a green circle/s – maintaining your float plan within this area will allow a rescue service. Review this area before starting your excursion. Our rescue base locations may change or increase and as such rescue coverage areas are subject to change. Check the application map on a regular basis for up-to-date coverage areas. Evacuation coverage starts at $399.50 per year. A membership subscription becomes active 15 days after the initial registration – this date is provided to you on the subscription confirmation page and welcome email.  An emergency rescue covered by the plan can be initiated after the subscription is ACTIVE.  An emergency rescue maybe performed before the subscription becomes active however will be billed at current market rates.  The current market rate is $5,000 per flight hour and is billed as soon as the rescue crews are deployed. Any lapse in coverage will create a new 15-day grace period. 

Our resources are not infinite and emergency rescues are designed for “emergencies” only. Any false or misleading rescue requests not deemed to be an emergency will be billed at DOUBLE current market rates and/or cancellation. 

In the event of an emergency rescue our special operation rescue teams will be deployed and initiate the search and rescue operation. While our mobile app provides our members with the most comprehensive platform for staying in touch through geo-fence tracking & alerts, GPS-enabled, and safety check-in through the Emergency Request button, the more information you can provide our dispatch personnel the less time is spent searching and more time initiating the rescue. All rescues are performed on a best-efforts basis – maritime currents are such that no location will be fixed. Our state-of-the-art radar system will be imperative in finding your location. Upon locating a member and performing the extraction our team will determine whether they will return to the base location or airlift you to the closest medical facility with helipad capabilities. Waves Rescue must be contacted at the time of an incident and we are unable to reimburse members for any rescue not organized by Waves Rescue.

Cancellation Policy:
By Company: Waves Rescue reserves the right to cancel any subscription at any time.

By Member: Membership in Waves Rescue is an annual membership and can be billed on a monthly or annual basis. If a member wishes to cancel at any time they may contact us at and cancellation will be made effective at the end of the current subscription period. No refunds or prorated billing calculations will be made. 

Transfer Policy:

Waves Rescue will allow a one-time transfer of membership.  In order to initiate a transfer please email us at 


Nonpayment will result in immediate cancellation of your membership with us and all rights to rescue services will terminate immediately.