Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism in public safety and life-saving services with the commitment to serve, ability to perform and courage to act.

Core Values

Professional Excellence

We are public safety professionals. We believe in the pursuit of professional excellence and the highest professional standards for our department, demonstrating positive character, attitude, competency, and conduct. We are full service in our scope and responses to calls for help—fire, emergency medical, special operations, and prevention. Ensuring a state of constant readiness, we believe that continuous training in all aspects of our career supports professional excellence.


We serve with integrity. We are held to high standards of trust placed in us by the public and our profession. We value this trust and know that self-discipline is a foundation for our behaviors. As an integral component of our core values, we will employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, truth, and ethical behavior.


We believe in open and cohesive communication. We believe in effective communication to support the performance of our organization. We share a common interest and commitment, but may see things from a variety of perspectives. Effective communications within our organization builds trust and respect, encourages learning, and helps to accomplish shared goals.

Diversity and Respect

We believe in diversity and respect our fellow members and those in our communities. Archangel Air Rescue, LLC is diverse, and we will treat everyone with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust. We respect all individuals and value their contributions. We will respect the diversity of our community by providing compassionate and superior service to all.

Health and Safety

Our very lives depend on our health and safety. Our health and our safety are intertwined to fulfilling our fire rescue missions. We understand as public safety professionals that we may become called upon to place ourselves between harm and those endangered. We accept risk to rescue a life that can be saved; we will not engage in patently unsafe actions when no life is endangered. We will support one another in developing a healthy attitude for the department and its’ personnel as a commitment to overall well-being and operational readiness.

Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork is our building block towards success. We believe in the collective value of supporting our team. We seek out the input of all team members at all levels of our organization. Working together will meet our common goals. Knowledge, skills, and abilities are cultivated through our team by our collective leadership. We all have a responsibility to mentor one another.


Service by our profession and through civic responsibility. We have the ability to both save and change lives. Calls for help can take many forms. We are committed to active participation in our county by fulfilling our job responsibilities and strengthening our community involvement. Our courage, resources, knowledge, and commitment can be used for good both on and off our calls.


Tradition enhanced and improved through innovation. Innovation can modernize and improve our service to our citizens and impact positively the safety of our members. We are committed to advancing change through innovative and progressive thinking that will benefit those that we serve.